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This was the last meeting of the Los Angeles Chapters of SIGPLAN & SIGAda
Wednesday April 14, 2004
7:00 p.m.
LMU, Pereira Hall, Room 208
Loyola Marymount University

Java and XML
Ed Manderfield


"Introduction to e-Business - Computer Science Edition" is a continuation of IBM's e-business initiative, begun about four years ago, which aims at platform and data independent computer applications. It is a package from IBM consisting of two books, "Introduction to Java Programming" by J. Patterson Hume and Christine Stephenson and "Java and XML" by Brett McLaughlin, and a disk containing the compiler.


The Java compiler is augmented to the extent that it can create stand-alone as well as servlet Java programs. We will summarize IBM's additions to Java with the following topics:
     1. "Ready to Program's" graphical API and its use.
     2. The syntax of Sun's Java including: Java classes; control constructs; Java I/O; and methods, strings, and arrays. A sorting algorithm will be used as an example.


The "Java and XML" text is an exposition of the uses of XML along with Java to create platform and data independent computer applications. We will summarize the system with the following topics:
     1. Creating, parsing, and constraining XML.
     2. Validating, transforming , and traversing XML.
     3. JDOM, and creating XML within Java.


Ed Manderfield, after graduating from Villanova and Purdue as a chemical engineer, spent five years in the chemical industry at Callery Chemical and Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical. Then, he entered the computing field and worked as an applications programmer and manager of information processing for a number of companies, including Alwac Computer Division, CSC, North American Aviation, Union Oil, American Oil, and Continental Can. Currently a consultant, he has worked in business, scientific, and engineering applications, as a systems programmer, and in teaching.


Join us for dinner before the meeting.
Dinner is at the Marina Café, Manchester & Lincoln, in Westchester.

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